Liquid Words leads players from the sailing and water sports industry into the digital realm. We develop platform-compatible content that fosters contemporary and digital brand management.

We explain technology and inspire for modern products. We tell inspiring stories and lay the foundation for an emotional connection. We bring the offshore on shore.

Our approach is always analytical and impact-oriented: communication is never an end in itself; what counts in the end are results.

The people behind
Liquid Words

Get to know us!

Dr. Bendix Hügelmann

Funder and Managing Director

Dr. Bendix Hügelmann is an internationally active strategy and political consultant. 

And he can sail quite passably too. With Liquid Words Bendix is now combining expertise and passion in a new agency. 

Prior to founding his own company, Bendix conducted intense research on how digital communication influences individual behavior. The findings of this work now form the basis for Liquid Words. 

Having worked for an international public affairs consultancy, Bendix is a keen and proven communications professional.

As a European and German sailing champion, Bendix is intimately familiar with the ORC and IRC fleets in Europe and overseas, as well as with the technical details of the two rating systems.

Frieder Griem

Social Media Strategie und Content Creation

Frieder Griem works in the areas of Social Media strategie and Content Creation. 

After extensive media experience, including work at my Boo in Kiel, Deutsche Welle in Bonn, and in his media production and conception studies, he has both theoretical and practical all-round skills in the field of digital media.

On the water Frieder can be found regularly for more than 10 years. He gained vast experience in the year after his Abitur, in which he sailed as a boatswain on a traditional sailing ship. Currently he is mainly to be spotted on a small cruiser around the Kiel Fjord.

We root for excellent copy

Having published in every major yachting outlet in Germany, we know a thing or two about the drivers of public sentiment and the German market.


Typical clients include sailmakers, rigger, boat-builder, boatyards, manufacturers, associations, publishing houses and everything in-between. Let’s put it this way: we provide content for everything that sails.

Because we take communications seriously. And because we know what we are talking about. Or do you know a digital expert who can tell the difference between a JPK 10.30 and a J/99 by the masthead alone?

Liquid Words is a spin-off of the strategy and policy consultancy People on the Hill. By doing so, Liquid Words combines excellent analytical abilities with a profound understanding of the maritime industry. And that's probably something you won't find anywhere else. 

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